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Ideas that have caught my fancy




Digital drop box

A shared space on all your computers where files are synchronised. Dragging into your local drop box creates a mirror file in your other drop boxes on your other computers. 2GB free account.

Mouse mischief multipoint/mouse-mischief

An interesting add on to preprint that lets you run multiple mice on the one computer. Can be used as a student response system. Use multiple wireless mice or usb hub for mice.

Microsoft Interactive Classroom

Interactive classroom

An add in for PowerPoint and OneNote that lets you run an interactive quiz and share your document to onenote users.

Wii Whiteboard


WiiMote + IR pen via Bluetooth and Projector makes a neat interactive whiteboard


Prometheanplanet.c om

Promethean’s whiteboard software which can also be run in a personal/student mode.

Join Me

Screen sharing and following  with up to 250 computers and/or tablets able to view.

Kinect for Windows


New SDK released for windows version of Kinect. Look out for better interaction when you clip one on the bottom of your eWhiteboard.