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This is going to be the Blackboard Learn (V9) page

Right now there are few pearls here...


For the moment the only thing I’ll record is a warning.

Don’t put a sidebar external link on the top of your sidebar and then delete your course entry point (which is usually a module page). If you do, you will get into an external loop where you can’t enter the course because when the course goes to open it will pick the external page (eg webmail or some other portal) and go straight there...


File Exchange.  I have been trying to get the file exchange operating as a class tool. The best way I have found so far to do this is to create a single manual group, enrol everyone in it. Delete all the other tools except the file exchange, then on the group module page delete the member module and assignments module so you are just left with the file exchange. Then go to the main side panel and create a course link, point inside the groups area(ie expand the groups so you can see your new group)  to your new file exchange group. Call the link something sensible like Drop Box, and you are away.

Okay, this is my first pearl for you.

The content area creation tool in Blackboard gives a very boring style. Pictures cause horrible spaces and the layout is just generally nasty.

Solution: create a table in the space. Even just a basic 1 row by 2 columns will improve things dramatically. Pop a picture in one side of the table and your text in the other side. They will auto shape up quite nicely as long as you have adjusted the picture size. However, of course the table frame doesn’t look at all nice so the real trick is to make that frame disappear. Click into the HTML edit mode, and look for border=“1” and change the 1 to a 0. Then submit. Now doesn’t that look better :-)

You can do this in any of the wysiwyg editor areas. Just hit the <> html edit icon after you have made your table.

NB only make the table invisible after you have finished editing or you will get lost...