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PDF is a great format, but sometimes not being able add to one can be a real pain. Reading an article without a highlight pen can be frustrating to me and I confess I used to waste paper by printing document just so I could get highlight pen out. Not anymore!
The free version of PDF-Xchange viewer has unleashed my creative abilities and I can mark up PDF’s to my hearts content.

Another useful PDF extension is the ability to publish PDF’s in a handy viewable manner via  Just sign up for a free account and have your document presented in a nice page turning format. Here is an example

PDF’s you might like

Spelling book - made for a Central Otago (NZ) class hence the localised town names. Good to have these around during story writing time.

Alphabet search. The following are a set of sheets that you can use to reinforce the letters of the alphabet or just as play activities or fillers. Children should connect the letters in straight lines, practising using a ruler is good...

The name represents the content of the final picture. LC indicates it is a lower case version. The Arrows on the page point toward the starting A. When they have made the picture they should try to spell the word for it. Year 1~2 enjoy this.





Umbrella LC



Mug LC

Fish LC

Telephone LC




Xmas tree

Penguin LC