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How to excel

Let’s get excel speaking back. This is the best way to ensure you are typing numbers correctly but also let’s us get some nice value added features out of excel. (video link)


Putting a picture in excel and using the hidden comment feature is an interesting way of presenting discoverable information. I just don’t seem to be able to leave excel to just work with numbers :-)


A friend recently asked for a simple flashcard vocabulary program that was not web based. There are so many great programs now that are tied to the Internet that we can forget about those situations where we find ourselves disconnected. Anyway I didn’t find any I liked particularly and realised that a really simple lookup within Excel could do the trick quite handsomely. The brief was just to have a random word appear from a word list which would then be used as the basis for a writing exercise or game. Here is that simple program. You can have up to 500 words to select from on sheet 2. F9 selects the next word. You can sort the word list into alphabetical order if you want to aid in knowing what is in it. The password to unlock the sheet is, well you know, the “magic” word for when you want something! If you can’t work it out, drop me a note on the links page and I’ll tell you :-) xlxs file  Zip file

Tick boxes. I got a bit carried away with an idea of creating a time sheet to record student attendance on a whiteboard. It is an attempt to name and shame to reduce tardiness. The template is linked, along with some instructions. Xlxs file  & PDF

A new attendance idea I have had came from the need to get people on and off site (via buses). This time I have the option of bar code scanning the student’s ID or just typing in their ID number. That looks up their name and time-stamps the occurrence.  (File link here soon)