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Homemade Games

These are games that have been used in various classrooms. Some are rather specific to a location and would need to be adapted to a new territory, use them as a template for your own version.


Two dice bingo is a maths game where the numbers on two dice are read the the digits of a two digit number and then covered on a number board. A Smartboard Notebook version of the game is available on the Files page


Extinct birds is a ‘battleships’ like maths game where children cover squares on a number board with the bones of some extinct birds in a cave and then attempt to find their partner’s bones before their own can be uncovered.


Zilch is a game that I don’t know the origins of. Please let me know if you find out. Anyway it is played with 6 dice and you have to add together large scores which make it a good numeracy game. It also involves taking risks on whether to extend ones run of luck or play safe with a good score. It is a good social game outside of the classroom if you are stuck on a mountain in a snow storm sometime...


A card game that is great for vocabulary building or just getting students to create questions. In school we rarely get students to make their own questions, but we frequently make them answer ours. This card game features a Question card which makes the player ask another player a short question, which they should create.

This game is available as a print on demand publication at the