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Have you ever wanted to have little explanation boxes appear over text for your students. It could offer alternate words or explanations. Putting these boxes in can make a word document interestingly interactive. Try and make your own pop up explanations in Word.


Coded messages can be fun, they are easy to make with the fonts built into your word processor. Use them as a game, or an introduction to encryption... Make your own coded messages.


I love this one. Having Word really work for you is something you should always strive for. I was really disappointed when the ability to get Audio directly embedded into Word documents was lost with the change of Sound Recorder in the move to Vista (& Win7). So when I discovered that I could put Youtube videos directly into my Word documents I was really delighted.

Verbs Example  


This next variation loads a webpage into a word document. This is a little more problematic because it needs an ActiveX control which means that word gives a security warning and it has to be saved as a .docm file. On loading the document you get asked for permission, and need to click the options box to get to enable the content.  I see this page as being especially useful in a webquest  situation, or any other time when you want to limit the amount of access to the Internet and yet have a note taking or question and answer situation. I have put only one control on the page which is a Back button. It could easily be changed to a search button to bring up the default browser search engine. The document remembers the last page it was on during a save.  Example word page.  Instructions of how to make a webbrowser in Word.  Word page with search box

My Word

Instructions to embed a shockwave flash object in word

Using drop down boxes to teach grammar. Video tutorial here, and sample word document with instructions here.