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about us

We are providers of learning content and techniques.

Our driving force is working from classroom ideas or desires and figuring out how to accomplish them with the resources that are available.

The emphasis is on practical solutions, that can work in a classroom.

the levels

“I loved the idea of using pop up boxes inside Word. It made the  explanation of unknown or low frequency vocabulary easier for my EFL students”

Foundations lecturer

“Using a VGA splitter to connect up a couple of old monitors really made my computer much more accessible to the children in the class”

Primary school teacher

“Getting Excel to speak back to my students was great. Of course we had a few odd words spoken out loud as you predicted but we soon got that undercontrol and now it is a valuable addition to our lessons.”

Maths teacher

Our experience covers all levels from Primary (elementary) through Secondary and Tertiary. Wherever learning is taking place, we’d hope

we’d have a potential relevance.